Sunday, November 16, 2008

jaison weds!!! finally!!!!

Now, my mind started to ask.....
Ajay, why cant you marry...?

If jaison can do this, any panther can do....!!!!!
then my ego said, 

you are already married to  LAZINESS!!!!! 

neena, manju, ancy, linta, jissy, elizabeth, babumon, kaala, earth, ajay, manavalan!!! 
with the couples!!!
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Losing My Love!!

for me it was one of my greatest mistake. 

she was my dream girl and the one who gave me all the care in the world expressively.

i never believed in destiny but now i am forced..
She was so sensitive and so cute and gave everything to me and her belief in me was amazing.

when did it start?

i was worried about the life with her because of our financial status, as, it was for sure that both of us will be kicked out from our houses, both the families were so strict and the father figures were equally terrible.

still i pity myself, for a man who was not able to take a decision about the greatest event of his life is just a loser, and have no excuses or to put the blame on the other.

now prepared mentally to receive the curse if she ever does so!!!
because, i deserve and i was at the wrong end...

ajay, it was you and only you who lost all the chance to live a life you wanted to live.

now there is no meaning in blogging al your failures to the world!!

yes, i know this fact, but... whats my other alternative, i can console my self by simplifying the mistake and blaming it on destiny and may be i can forget the past or try to forget.....

living only for myself and thus living for something and that is what haunts me...

my dear, forgive me and i have nothing more to say to you...

you live happily with him, and my fate and my life will be like this,
in the midst of all luxury but unable to enjoy anything to its extremes..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

it was the day ------------------------------------------

my sister was getting married--
her classmates came--
even without invitation--

The spirit of friendship and the spirit of kerala!!!!

hope u can understand!!!!
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

voyages----in search of people!!!!!!!!!!

this is one of the reason why i love
the river ganges----
and its sanctity---

when you are thre in haridwar, its very tough to think about the real life!!! 
for me, it was am amazing experience, and i never thought of visiting there in my life...
all things in my life came unpredicted...
 so do this one....

i always love to travell--
and this was also without any prejudics!!!!!!!
dont get confused---
i mean-- i never put a target!!!!!!!


lakshman jhoola----

the bridge in rishikesh-- 20 kms from haridwar---
on the banks of river ganga
bathing ghats in the river ganges----
even i took a bath in this chilling water---
ganges is my second mother!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008



rocked delhi------
saarc music fest----

it was a great feeling, and i was experiencing the metro life style in delhi for the first time!!

i was not able to see bryan adams rocked delhi in 2004 but this time i was lucky!!!
These men of music rocked me!! and i was into a state of dilema!!


Wine and friends, i love the sour taste of both these precious items in the world!!! 
Yeah, but this a poor blogger my friend, who is in short of the apt wprd to describe!!!!

Ente Badayikal Thudangatte!!!!!!!!!!!

let me start blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to invite all is a big thing!!!!!!!!!!

ajay nambiar-- is a phenomenon!!!!!!!!1

one of its kind!!!!!!!!!1
please vote for me--
in the coming president elections-- ok

all my friends to read this compulsory