Thursday, January 31, 2008



rocked delhi------
saarc music fest----

it was a great feeling, and i was experiencing the metro life style in delhi for the first time!!

i was not able to see bryan adams rocked delhi in 2004 but this time i was lucky!!!
These men of music rocked me!! and i was into a state of dilema!!


Wine and friends, i love the sour taste of both these precious items in the world!!! 
Yeah, but this a poor blogger my friend, who is in short of the apt wprd to describe!!!!

Ente Badayikal Thudangatte!!!!!!!!!!!

let me start blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to invite all is a big thing!!!!!!!!!!

ajay nambiar-- is a phenomenon!!!!!!!!1

one of its kind!!!!!!!!!1
please vote for me--
in the coming president elections-- ok

all my friends to read this compulsory