Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why I am not afraid of cyber space

Let me ask you all, 

What is privacy? That too in cyberspace?


Ok its acceptable that you don’t want to read those mails which offer from penis enlargement to mass money transfer from a civil war disturbed African nation.

Apart from that it’s the area of the pseudo moral watch dogs who are always available to protect our sisters and aunties from the clutches of sex seekers or abusers.


My thought goes like this... There are about 650 Crores of people in the world and out of it; lakhs die every single day from various causes.


And among the rest, the so called internet users can be a maximum of 10 crores and the so called victims of net fraud according to me are only a few thousands.


After all, who are we?


When compared the persons listed in the Forbes Magazine, who is Ajay Nambiar from Payyoli?

Or who the hell is my dad who has just about 3 acres of land in his name that too filled with Mandari stricken coconut trees!

Who among the so called spam vendors from cyber space will try to inviting or convincing to buy those things which he never would have heard other than from BBC?


So I am not afraid and so happy to hear someone who will try to fool me to invest or buy something when I have nothing left in my hand. Usually with a born miser tag attached to my CV, I am so happy to wait till those items get vanished from the market.


Is it a bad thing to believe that I am nothing in this whole world and my existence simply is no body’s need?



Thus, note down my address from the website and try to induce me, seduce me, invite me, fool me, woo me, irritate me, pester me,  harass me, disturb me, annoy me, mail me, spam me or even kill me.


For me, everything is ok because I believe that I am just nobody and you people don’t think that I am desperate, not at all.

But in the mean time, don’t think that you are unavoidable in this world.  


I say, it’s the very next minute after you die; you are one among the billions who are no longer remembered by the billions who are living for the moment. 

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Anonymous said...

What is the relation between this and cyber space?