Sunday, March 29, 2009

The pursuit of happiness : 
Independent read me text!!!!!

 Ajay Nambiar

Not many  movies will make you cry and often gets forgotten within hours watching them. 
But this time, on the fag end of march, its this not so old movie, which shows a period hardly three decades ago. 

Yes, its about the Will smith starred “The Pursuit of Happiness” and the for the word pursuit, I am yet to find a meaning in this room.

It simply tells the story of a black man of 1980s and his struggle to make his life big. Chris Gardner, a simple but competent never say die salesman who eventually gets stranded by his wife when the small family were not afford to pay even the parking bills or fines slapped by cops on to their family car which he eventually loses.

Chris finally meets an investment banker kind of stock broker who was slightly  impressed by the skill and attitude of Chris , offers an option to be one intern in his firm. Its melodrama, but need to get accepted by us, as this is one way the director will ask us to see the remaining part. 

The idea of giving 100% to work is something really strange to me and even after seeing the whole movie, created no changes in my weird thought process. 

Ok, ok , now I say, the film is ok and show us the situation that a man can get really hurt, unnoticed though, the situation can be scary when you have nothing, just nothing in your pocket. 

Imagine, when I am deserted by my wife, lose my home, not having a penny in ma pocket, still has a child of hardly six years. That too when I work as an intern for six continues months without salary, unimaginable for me!

Just not like any depressed pig who gets thrilled and receives a morale boost  after watching this flick for 90 minutes. It made me to think this.

1. There are so many, so many home less, so many jobless with nothing but their hunger as their ultimate target, those happens to sleep in toilets, bays, trains.
The life is like that only, some are born rich, some born in rags; I don’t know whether these usages are good or not, well, its your kind of view.

2. So there are many ways, hard work, eating your piled up ancestral nuts, leading a lazy dog kind style and ultimately realizing your limits and boundaries.
This guy was good at numbers than selling those bone scanners, but look at you, and me, what are we good at man? So just realize!

3. Again, getting pessimistic this time, how long, its for how long all these things do happen. Now, I remember those lines sung in that church in that movie.
Lord, don’t move that mountain before me, but give me the strength to climb it!

My version will be like this,

 Please show me a clue to the tunnel built within or at least the pass built around it!

4. Thus, its easier to think that you will get rewarded, when you have got a choice in front of you, and you find that, the dream can be far far away but still struggles for it. Hmmm, may be! The story or the pursuit finally ends by telling us those lines or future aspect of Chris, who happens to become one of the leading stock broker of US.

Performance by Will Smith is incredible and the first time, I forgave him for acting in Independence Day and MIB. The time I saw tears in Chris eyes while sitting in a metro toilet, hearing the guards kick the door, my sensitive and sensible eyes understood the need of pouring some wind screen washer which later worked as  ear wax cleaner!

Watching Hollywood flicks can never be a boring thing unless you are completely obsessed with the job you do at office all the time and for those morons like me who never cares to think beyond two years, these 90 minutes can be a place where dreams let happen all the day or to en extent -EMPATHY!!!!!!!


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