Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pity You........

Peeping to some one sitting nearby is a common problem for all men, 
Why he is peeping or let me find out the exact meaning for that clichéd term…...
Will that come under the purview of  curiosity?  
Can I define it? 
Ok leave it… 

Then, the topic which I was ready to slaughter was 
optimism hiding behind the shadow of desperation.

Yes, that phrase is un separable from my life so far. 
Often I wonder, why I am alive, why should I live?

And also, why you are alive and the purpose you live for!

Exponents of the Existentialism may have a lot to say about this topic and so do the optimists and the so called generation new  think tanks with a claim of transforming zillions of tired minds to poetic creativity.

But my question is why some people are seeing only the first line of George Orwell 
i.e. All men are equal!!

Listen boys, there is one more line…..
But some are more equal!!

Thus the moment you start comparing yourself to me and start criticizing me seconds after you finish this whole foolishness, the heading is finally worth Googling!!

Ok. Ok 

Now listen,
you are born with a price tag and it can only be decreased as you grow up. Remember those days of your infancy.

 At least 90% of neighbors were ready to carry for a ride even though they never made that a routine. 
But as you grew over a period of time, only persons concerned over you is just our parents. 

When you fell down, broke your teeth or finger or the time you spilled some blood because of your heavy weight classmate, they were with you to heal you.

Then the period came when you slowly started realizing your capacities and capabilities. 

The amount of information you can gulp , the formulae you could remember and the names of dead rulers who never done any good to your life than make them a victim of your help less curse!

Where I’m going?  

Ok, coming to the point… 

I mean to say this, 
never get carried by words of learned men in all cases. Sometimes it can prove fatal. 
The only person to lose for sure is you.

So don’t get upset if you cant write or think like me. I would like to make little advise here.

Never care for your parents or teachers at a particular point of time when you have no other choice than what your mind says.

 You might be in love, or having an illicit affair or  considering the extreme probability being exploited by a homosexual( ha ha ).

Being a true libertine, I would say that you keep those things to yourself, never take or ask for a second opinion. 
The moment you go for it, you lose your chance of making the natural selection. ( here, pls note that I’ve my own versions for many a terms in modern science) 

Then again, 

coming to what I say, 

when you get a chance to make a choice, make it and go for it. Never mind those gurus of time or the care of the most gentle society over you , all to make you a well worth citizen in our new day world. 

Now, just think once, deep in your mind, have you remained stagnant over everything?

Never, ever!

You had even Oedipus complex and at those times, you might’ve even tried to make a homicide of your beloved dad!

When you’ve done all those wrongs and proved that you are born free and have no control over your thoughts, then 

Where’s the benefit of  tuning yourself  to some one else’s word?  So walk alone and especially when you are born in Kerala, you are always alone. 

The support you  receive is because of the expectation that you may help them in their needs. This is one reason in hundreds that I don’t like our people. 

They are pseudo morals, picks nose, intrudes every where, criticizes all and at the same time, keep their doors open to receive all the possible gains from the society and never forgets to ignore the needy.

The trend among us continues and can not be changed unless a complete washout happens.


Anonymous said...

oh......that was really great..

ajay u need to sow ur skill to world....

dont get unnoticed--

word press--start there

Anonymous said...

facts...but very diff to b practical in all aspects of all stages of life..if u can show ..or follow dis throughout d life... ur views may get admitted..atleast by d few who think d same...but..can u?not now...at d later mile stones of life???